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V-6 Models 

See why Suzuki's V-6 models are named "The Ultimate 4-Stroke Outboard". All V-6 models using Fly-By controls offer select rotation (Counter and Regular rotation) on all lower units.

COMING SOON! Built-In power steering will be available on 350 and 300B models.


Shaft Length Options 

25": 727 LBS

30": 747 LBS

Known for its best in industry torque and fuel economy, Suzuki's flagship 350 models are the top option for fisherman and cruisers. The Dual-Prop system allows for easy docking maneuverability, and great hole-shot power. Coming soon, 350 models will also have built-in power steering systems.



Shaft Length Options:
25": 727 LBS
30": 747 LBS

The new DF300B is the world’s first 300 HP, four-stroke outboard with dual contra-rotating propellers. The breakthrough combination of the Suzuki Dual Propeller System and the Suzuki 2-Stage Gear Reduction aid to successfully produce better torque, engineered especially for heavy models. DF300B has been engineered to run on 87 octane fuel, perfect for everyday use on larger boats. This truly is Suzuki’s ultimate Four-Stroke Outboard Motor.


300 AP.jfif

Shaft Length Options:
25": 639 LBS
30": 659 LBS

Named the “Ultimate Four-Stroke Outboard,” since its introduction, Suzuki’s flagship 300 HP V6 has been a showcase for advanced technology and design. The award winning DF300AP incorporates “Suzuki Selective Rotation” – the world’s first outboard that combines standard and counter-rotation operation into the same lower unit..

V-6 Models: Products

DF250 AP

Shaft Length:

25”: 639 LBS
30”: 659 LBS

The DF250AP, or “The Ultimate Four-Stroke Outboard,” is based on the DF300AP and shares the award winning innovations and designs of Suzuki’s flagship outboard. This model comes with advanced features like Suzuki Selective Rotation, Suzuki Precision Control and Suzuki Lean Burn Control, in addition to dominant V6 power. Go with a proven winner, Go Suzuki.


Shaft Length:

25": 606 LBS
30”: 626 LBS

The Suzuki DF250 was the 250 horsepower V-6 four-stroke outboard that started it all as the first on the market. This trusted model has the awards and accolades to speak for itself, so if you are buying a new boat or repowering a trusty companion, make it a one stop shop and rig that boat with a new Suzuki DF250 V-6. You’ll be glad you did.



Shaft Length:
25”: 606 LBS

The DF225 V-6 four-stroke outboard is packed with technology, and a large displacement, lots of torque and plenty of power. This four-stroke engine is a clean runner and certified with a 3-Star Ultra-Low Emission rating from the California Air Resource Board (CARB), while also meeting the EPA 2010 standards. If you want to run with a winner, go with the time-tested four-stroke. Go Suzuki. Now available in Cool White.

V-6 Models: Products
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