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Suzuki Outboards

#1 Ranked Suzuki Dealer in New York!

With reliability and affordability, Suzuki has firmly established themselves as boater's favorite motors to re-power with.

V-6 Models

Suzuki has developed their V-6 to be one of the most reliable engines in the industry. Dual Prop Models now available for 300 HP and 350 HP models. V-6 Models range from 225 HP to 350 HP

In-Line 4 Cylinder Models

Suzuki's In-Line 4 Cylinder models are highly regarded as the best performing  in-line models in the outboard motor industry. In-line 4 Cylinder Models range from 115 HP to 200 HP

Mid-Range Models

Suzuki's mid-range are regarded as the best economical and reliable option for boaters. Performance on our mid-range models are among the best in the industry. Mid-Range models are 40 HP- 90 HP.

SS Series

Suzuki SS outboards were created to bring powerful hole shot, strong mid-range pull and great fuel economy to anglers and boaters. Now, by integrating with Suzuki's proven SPC system, boaters can add crisp, responsive shifting, silky smooth acceleration and sports car like operation to the mix.

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Portable Engines

Lightweight. Compact. Affordable. Reliable. What else can you ask for in a portable motor? Models range from 2.5 HP to 30 HP.

Suzuki Outboards: Products
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